Invisible ads and clicks: How to protect your digital buy

If you’re a marketer, you’ve likely followed the travails of the digital industry plagued by “ad viewability” concerns and tides of fraudulent impressions or clicks. Advertising giant P&G is the latest heavyweight to pick up the ad-verification vibe, especially in the growing arena of programmatic media buying. The company has announced it will require consistent viewability standards and third-party measurement from all its media partners. If media agencies can’t support P&G, it will pull the plug.

Mediassociates fully supports this mission — but we believe agencies themselves should hold themselves proactively to these higher standards of digital ad quality, without the coercive threats from clients. Our programmatic media division, eEffective, provides clients with brand safety standards including third-party measurement from DoubleVerify, Sizmek, MOAT or Integral Ad Science. We also clarify the percentage of digital ads that are served in viewable windows, guide clients to install brand safety measures, and fight bot traffic.

Whomever you work with in the changing digital landscape, make sure they’re up to speed in programmatic buying safety. Consider the difference between programmatic partners who say they “can” verify your ads vs. those who say we “do” verify. It speaks volumes to what’s at core in their business — and it will make volumes of difference to your digital advertising results.