A Marketer’s Guide to Managing Influencers

Influencer marketing is all the rage. But how can marketers manage “influencers” for real ROI? A tweet or social post, after all, does not a campaign make. This free whitepaper offers a simple, logical framework for marketers who want to make influencers work. Learn how real online user content can be integrated with paid media... Read more »

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Invisible ads and clicks: How to protect your digital buy

If you’re a marketer, you’ve likely followed the travails of the digital industry plagued by “ad viewability” concerns and tides of fraudulent impressions or clicks. Advertising giant P&G is the latest heavyweight to pick up the ad-verification vibe, especially in the growing arena of programmatic media buying. The company has announced it will require consistent viewability standards and... Read more »

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Forget Pokémon Go — the world of augmented reality is here

Regardless of whether Pokémon Go becomes the next Pinterest or is just the Pong of our generation, marketers need to get ready. The game in 2016 was a sudden hit, with at one time more than 20 million people in the U.S. playing it daily. And it signaled five new ways to advertise in a virtual world.

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Create winning videos in social media

We recently met a senior marketing manager who expressed a challenge: How could her organization move from an ad realm where two TV spots are created annually to a new world where brands need micro-content created each week, or even each day? Videos are powerful tools in micro-content, but the dynamics on small social screens (usually meaning mobile) are obviously different than on large, hi-def TVs. So, what video works best in social?

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Did Amazon goose-step over the line?

Does “any press is good press” still apply when the subject is the Axis Powers? Amazon Prime found themselves with plenty of press recently when a subway wrap they did in support of their series The Man in the High Castle sparked public outrage and a media storm in New York City.

Based on a best-selling book and documentary about an alternative history where Germany and Japan win the Second World War, the out-of-home campaign for The Man in the High Castle had been generating plenty of buzz. But the approach Amazon took for the subway car wrap seemed to push even media savvy New Yorkers too far

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