Data & Research

Marketers struggle with data. They have too much, pouring in from reporting systems everywhere, yet puzzle over how to find insights in the noise. In 2017, the CMO Council found in a survey of 250 global marketers than only 5% said they could connect campaign data with bottom-line marketing results. Mediassociates solves this issue by providing custom, turnkey Marketing Performance Dashboards that automate the collection of campaign data and graphical representation of campaign performance. Our core offering provides near-real-time performance views not only of media channels but also ad creative, audience targeting, conversion paths, end website or retail store sales, and even competitor behavior. Beyond this core reporting system, we also guide clients with predictive analytics that forecast market demand and response flow – enabling CMOs to “pre-optimize” marketing and media campaigns before a single dollar is spent. And we provide proactive, ongoing media campaign optimization.

Data and research services:
  • Proprietary online reporting dashboards (including API connections to all major digital engines and custom data imports from client or agency partner data systems)
  • Predictive analytics models of weekly variances in consumer demand
  • Predictive analytics models of response by media plan channel
  • Predictive models of brand advertising impact on direct-response
  • Brand-lift tracking studies of pre- and post-exposure
  • In-market or survey-based creative pre-testing
  • Access to more than $1 million in syndicated media research tools (comScore, Nielsen, GfK MRI, Scarborough Research, etc.)
  • Data Management Platform (DMP) integration and insight delivery