Ad Blockers: The Villain or The White Knight?  

Whether you see digital ad blockers as hero or villain can depend on who signs your paycheck, but one reality is clear: publisher advertising revenue is taking a hit from their adoption. A recent report commissioned by Adobe and conducted by PageFair found ad blockers on desktop computers  — those web browser add-ons that stop... Read more »

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Ad blocking may save digital marketing from itself

Every so often, the ad industry enters a panic mode tied to a subconscious self-loathing. Last year, Facebook slashed the organic reach of brand posts making ad gurus fret: Can social media work as a marketing platform? (Admit it, we always wondered.) Today, the issue is the use of ad blocking software to stop banner ads from popping up on screens. Digital marketers already struggling with viewability, ad fraud and low ad-response rates are shriveling in the cold realization that their audience may all go away.

I say, bring it on.

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At Instagram, it’s no longer hip to be square

Until now, if you wanted to advertise on Instagram, you were kind of boxed in.

“You needed to receive prior approval from Instagram and have rather lofty budgets in order to be appearing on their platform,” says Nate Carter, managing director with eEffective, an ad agency trading desk.

This fall, Instagram is planning to open its app to all advertisers. And that’s one reason the company is changing its format beyond the traditional square box. It wants to be more flexible, in part, so advertisers can repurpose the ads they use on TV.

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What works best: Shorter or longer ad units?

The Marketer’s Guide to Improving TV and Video Advertising via Ad Length.

Rethinking video ads could make advertising work better overall – because in media spending, seconds count to both marketers and consumers. Mediassociates, a media planning, buying and optimization agency, recently ex- amined numerous media research studies and ongoing ad campaigns to answer these questions…

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Why Did Tim Cook Launch the Apple Watch?

The most unremarked thing about Apple’s launch of its new Watch and larger iPhone 6 models is how these devices were required to save Steve Job’s company from the train wreck it approached in sales. Unit sales growth, as measured year over year, was plateauing for both the iPhone and the iPad — creating an enormously dangerous position for Apple as investors began sizing up Google, Samsung and even Microsoft mobile device alternatives. Investors want annual growth — because if you can’t beat 8% or 10% growth year over year, you might as well put your funds in a Vanguard index — and Apple was not delivering.

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