Mediassociates’ leaders are quoted or published in the national press constantly. Because we know the only way to bring clients new ideas is to research and think hard on those ideas ourselves. Recent platforms sharing our thoughts include The Atlantic, Adweek, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Businessweek, Digiday, Fast Company, Fortune, NPR and SiriusXM’s Wharton School of Business national radio program “Marketing Matters.”


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It’s Time to Unite Brand And Response Advertising

So many marketers are still creating artificial boundaries between Brand and Direct Response advertising. Our head of strategy, Ben Kunz shows how we break down those barriers in this quick read from MediaPost.
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Independent Agencies Say They’re Flooded With Holding Company Applicants

Independent agencies are HOT and Mediassociates President, Jeff Larson, shares some of the reasons why with Adweek.
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Mediassociates Expands Executive Team

Our Executive team is growing! We’re thrilled to announce the promotion of Alicia Weaver to Vice President, Offline Activation, and the hiring of Christine Sheehan as Vice President, Account Strategy. We are excited to have both Christine and Alicia on the executive team and have them contribute to the future of Mediassociates!   Read Article

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What’s Beyond the Walled Garden?

“Why not just spend all of my digital media budget on Facebook, Google and Amazon? What would we really miss out on?” At Mediassociates we often hear that question but the answer’s not so simple. While there’s no denying the value of the walled garden platforms – Google, Facebook, and Amazon being the big 3... Read more » Read Article

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Apple Slices Mobile Tracking

There has been so much talk about Apple’s new privacy policy. Our head of digital, Jesse Rosenschein, breaks down what it really means for marketers, the ripple effects for Facebook , and provides a gameplan for a post IDFA world. Read Article