Is your campaign working? Advertising generates big data that can amount to a lot of white noise without the clarifying effect of analysis and context. We help you connect data to insights to actions to value so you get the most out of your media investment.

Mediassociates’ clients are served by an internal dedicated analytics group that provides ongoing analysis and dashboard visualization of media performance, from buying value to brand lift to direct-response performance to cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale analysis. We back up our findings with leading analytics systems and a laser-focus on measurement and optimization — all to improve your return on advertising investment.

Better Insights, Not Big Data:

Better Thinking provides clarifying insights on what is working across your advertising campaign, extracting meaning from the wash of data so you can control your marketing results.

Analytics services:
  • Custom demographic segmentation
  • Media value-add analysis
  • Media post-buy reports
  • Attribution modeling
  • Direct-response evaluation
  • Display advertising reports
  • Video advertising reports
  • Mobile advertising reports
  • Social-media advertising reports
  • Reporting integration with client CRM systems such as
  • Support for client A/B split tests
  • Ongoing creative, media and landing page optimization recommendations
  • Performance Insights Dashboard… delivered via the cloud
  • Integrated Team Collaboration Dashboard