Every agency says they measure advertising performance. But what if you could predict it? Mediassociates moves marketers into the new world of predictive analytics. Yes, we can provide daily, near-real-time dashboards that aggregate all your media performance metrics. But beyond this, we also guide CMOs with predictive models that forecast future variances in demand for your products and services, and how specific media channels or line items will perform in driving marketing results. Using advanced modeling, we give you “headlights” on your business – to help you see in advance how many respondents, leads, or sales will lead to optimal return on ad spend (ROAS).

Analytics services:
  • Set up of measurement plan (KPIs, data dictionary, data feeds)
  • Reporting dashboards with password-protected access to all campaign data
  • Data visualizations that highlight key performance trends and insights
  • Predictive modeling for campaign outcomes
  • Data Management Platform (DMP) set up and management to evaluate digital audience respondents
  • Optional Multi-touch Attribution modeling systems