Our subsidiary eEffective provides the latest in programmatic media buying. We streamline the media buying process with software to eliminate waste, improve targeting, and put your ads in front of the right audience whether they be on desktop computers, iPhones or tablets. Programmatic media includes banner advertising, online video, native advertising, iAds (Apple app advertising), mobile and rich-media formats. And our trading desk experts offer deep insights derived from the latest in data management.

The result is extensive cost savings and valuable consumer insights — all fueling better campaign results.

eEffective Programmatic:

Mediassociates’ media technology platform provides more than 10,000 online audience targeting attributes and cutting-edge digital innovation. From banner ads to online video to mobile iAds, we maximize targeting and savings.
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Programmatic Services:
  • Digital display (banner advertising)
  • Digital high-impact
  • Digital video
  • Mobile
  • iAd units (advertising inside the Apple app ecosystem)
  • Social media integration
  • IP targeting
  • 360-degree household targeting
  • Premium publisher placement and custom website list targeting
  • Location-based digital
  • Data overlays from more than 10,000 options
  • Retargeting
  • Ad viewability, quality and engagement analysis
  • Ad and audience testing strategies
  • Reporting, insights and optimization