Social media is an ever-changing ecosystem of humans sharing content. We help marketers break out in the space. Our social media division, The Socialists, covers everything from social media monitoring and trend identification to content strategy, video production and paid advertising. We build content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Periscope, Meerkat, and emerging micro-channels. Think of us as your social content accelerator.

Get Social:

Mediassociates has a social-media content studio that brings Better Thinking to how marketers create, share and measure social content. We call it The Socialists.
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Social media services:
  • Content strategy. This includes modeling communications themes and defining the formats, structure, components and cadence to get you noticed on social media.
  • Competitor social-media audits. See where your competition is spreading messages or advertising on social media, and find the gaps where you can be heard best.
  • Video production. From short form to high frequency to vertical Snapchat formats, our production team covers all social media video innovation.
  • Content production. Our content studio manages everything from Facebook posts to Instagram images, all matching your brand standards and the proper tone for each social network.
  • Content seeding. Producing content for social media does no good if no one sees it. We stage content in ways that get your message noticed.
  • Paid advertising. Using ads in social media requires nuanced targeting and measurement. We cover all the bases.
  • Social media analytics. From sentiment monitoring to trend identification, we use leading tools to listen to the voices, tone, and learnings on each social network.