Learn How Google Patented Crowd Personalization.

At the SXSW ubertech conference in 2014, Robert Scoble said the big news about wearable technology isn’t what it allows you to do (capture video via glasses or monitor health stats on your wrist) but rather the data it captures about you. Wearable tech is lled with sensors that watch what you do, where you go, and what you like. Google Glass, for instance, has a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic eld detector, light sensor, location sensors, touchpad, camera/video input, sound input, and sensor tracking your eye movements so you can wink to take a picture. Privacy advocates freak out over what large data companies could do with all of this information, since your hand motions, heartbeats and eye movements can signal, for instance, whether you are lying.

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Most Online Video Ads are Unseen. Let’s Fix That.

A recent study found that 57% of all online video ads are not ‘viewable.’ Download our whitepaper showing 10 ways marketers can solve this puzzle.

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Learn The 7 Steps of Advertising Measurement

If you are a marketing executive facing the challenge of making advertising work, download our free whitepaper using the form at right to learn seven steps for improving ad campaign performance. We discuss how to prioritize marketing metrics; collect only the data most important in optimizing campaigns; and how to build a “forward-facing dashboard” that allows you to control future results.

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Redesigning Government to Meet Change.

Federal agencies are under more pressure than ever before. Ripples from the 2016 election, past recession, and changing audience needs make it harder than ever to plan for results. Here, we explain a new organizational theory that will help government agency managers structure teams and outside partners — to improve performance in today’s volatile world.

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10 Ways to Fix the Unseen Video Ad Problem

Just when digital marketers were getting excited about comScore’s latest report, which showed U.S. online ad spending reaching a record $12.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013, fueled by video advertising, The New York Times had to go rain on the parade. This past Sunday, in a piece titled “The Great Unwatched,” the Times pulled no punches in explaining how most digital video ads are never seen.

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